Therapy Marketing Monthly, Volume 2, Issue 9Inside this issue, you’ll learn from:

  • Bea Armstrong, “Set Your Holiday Table with an Attitude of Gratitude”
    What are you thankful for, personally and professionally? Join Bea as she gives thanks and discusses the importance of practicing an attitude of gratitude and abundance…
  • Sean Armstrong, “Are You Mirroring in Your Marketing?”
    Are you keeping track of and using what your clients and prospective clients tell you… not for clinical reasons, but for your marketing? If not, you need to be! Join Sean and learn how entering and mirroring the conversations in your prospective clients’ heads can help you turn more of them into actual, paying clients…
  • Sean Armstrong, “The Value Optimization System”
    Here it is… THE SYSTEM that all successful businesses use. Study and implement the Value Optimization system, pull all the pieces of the marketing puzzle together, and create the abundant practice and lifestyle you desire! This article has been a long time coming and is not to be missed!
  • And more…

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Sean Armstrong – Publisher

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